Daniel Angerer

 In Portraits

What is the best thing about being a part of  the Holmbergs Group?
The best thing is that you have many different opportunities within the Holmbergs Group, so you can grow with the group.

How long have you been working for Fasching?
I have been working for Fasching since 2011. I started in the backoffice of the sales department, and now I am working as Key Account Manager for different countries in Europe, South/Middle America and some parts of Asia.

What is it like working with sales at Fasching?
It is a great journey we are doing with our customers. We are working very close with them from the beginning of the design to the final product, to fulfill the customers’ needs within the required regulations.
Therefore, it is very important for us in the sales department to have a well-skilled engineering team in Salzburg and production team in Sopron to give our customers the best support we can.